New CD "The Ledbury Lute" Order:

Baroque flageolets after an 18th century ivory original
I have been involved making faithful replicas of a baroque flageolet. Length: 17cm

Price: 400 - 600 GBP accoding to the material
Please Email if you are interested: (Taro Takeuchi)

New Video Recordings
There are some new video recordings of my playing on original early guitars.

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New CD (Released spring 2012)


Played by

Taro Takeuchi (18th century guitars)

Judy Tarling (Violin) & Terence Charleston (Harpsichord)

Producer/engineer:John Tayler
Jacket Notes: Peter Holman/ Taro Takeuchi

The guitar had its golden age in the 17th century. After some decline in early 18th century the guitar re-gained the popularity
in the middle of the century and quality music were written by well known composers. They are musically outstanding and
technically demanding. Early guitar specialist Taro Takeuchi plays some of the best guitar pieces from the 2nd half of the 18th century,
most of them were never recorded before. Guitars used on this recording are all original 18th century instruments including
metal strung [English] guitars (often spelled GUITTAR) as well as gut strung [Spanish] guitar


1. Rudolf Straube: Suite for solo Guittar (a)
Fantasie - Largo - Tempo di Minuet
(3 sonatas for guittar, London, 1768)

2. G. Merchi: Folia di Spagna   (c)
(Le Guide des Ecoliers de guitarre, Paris, 1761)

3. R. Straube: Sonata for Guittar and Harpsichord  (b, d)

Largo - Allegro Moderate - Allegretto con Varia
(3 sonatas for guittar, London 1768)

4. G.F. Handel : Minuet  (b)
(Preston: Complete Instruction for the guitar, London c.1770)

5. J.C. Bach: Sonata for Guittar and Violin (d,e)
Allegro - Andante - Gigue

6. F. Geminiani: Menuet Affectuoso (c)
(Joseph Carpentier: IIIeme Recueil de menuets, Allemandes, et Contradances, Paris 1771)

(a) English guitar (Guittar)by Perry, Dublin, c.1760
(b) English guitar (Guittar) by Preston, London.,c 1770
(c)Baroque guitar by Lambert, Paris, c.1770
(d) Harpsichord by Kirkman, London,1759 (rent from Christopher Hogwood)
(e)Violin by Fleury, Paris, 1759