My original instruments

Double strung guitars from 17th, 18th and early 19th century

from left to right
Attributed to Sellas(c.1650, Venice)
George Cousineau(1770、Paris)
Jean Laurent Mast(C.1780、Paris)
Joseph Pages(1813年 Cadiz)

Lambert(C.1760 Paris)

Label invisiable(Milan 1633)
(Under restoration)


18th century citterns(guittar, English guitar)

from left to right
Perry(c.1770 Dublin)
Preston(c.1780 London)
Thompson(c.1780 London)
Zumpe?(c.1760 London)
Hoffmann(1758 London)
Gibson(1774 Dublin)

Swarts(1792 Amsterdam)

Single strung guitars from 19th century

Early mandolin /mandolinos

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