Videos on Youtube
(Except the first one, they are not uploaded by me)

Taro Takeuchi plays original early guitars
It is my demonstariotn video, I am playing several original guitars from the 17th and 18th century.
Part1: Baroqur guitars & 6 course guitar
Part2F English guitars (including Piano-forte guittar)

Le Coq : Folies d'Espagne
It is from my solo CD [FOLIAS!]

Mauro Giuliani - Overture to Rossini's "Elisabetta, regina d'Inghilterra''
It is from
CD[The century that shaped the guitar]. The duet with Urlich Wedemeier

Purcell - Airs, fantasies and dances - Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
It is from BBC Promas. I play baroque guitar and theorbo. The OAE is directed by Rachel Podger

Handel - Birthday Ode for Queen Anne I - Eternal source of light divine - OAE
It is also from BBC Proms

Nigel Kennedy: Four seosons

They are from DVD [Live in Carcasonne]


Solo Discs

Affectuoso: Virutuoso guitar music from the 18th century Deux-Elles

Folias!: Virtuoso guitar music of the 17th century on period instruments

My first solo disc. Works by Corbetta, Matteis, Sanz and Le Cocq.
Instruments used are original Sellas and Voboam copy.
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The century that shaped the guitar (Guitar music from the 19th century) iRTR301)

19th century guitar music. I have recorded this disc for THE GUITAR MUSEUM in UK.
All guitars are original and played by Urlich Wedermeier, Paul Gregory and me
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Ensemble and Continuo playing

Salve Regina Hyperion

Peter Holmam/ Parley of Instruments and Robin Blaze(countertenor)
I played chitarrone for this recording.
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Vivaldi: Complete Sacred Music Vol.6/7 Hyperion

With Kings Consort(dir. Robert King)
I played the theorbo for those recordings.

PurcellFCountertenor Duets Songs

Sung by Ryland Angel and Mark Chambers.
I played continuo on the Theorbo, Archlute and Baroque guitar

18th century Italian Master in Britain
An Italian Rant!

Chamber music from 18th century London.
I play baroque guitar and theorbo.

CorelliFSonatas for Recorder and ContinuoiMH-1166j

Recorded in Yokohama, Japan.
Recorder played by Shigeharu Yamaoka on all his made instruments (Hirao Shigeharu).
I played the Archlute by S. Gottlieb and Baroque guitar by Sellas(original)

Bach: St.John's Passion@iEarly version)

With Bach Academy Meiji Gakuen Tokyo (dir. Prof. Ryuuichi HIguch)
I played the famous aria from early version using 11 course baroque lute.

Victoria: Motets@

With Victoria, Voices and Viols(VVV) (dir. Andrew Hope)
I played the Chitarrone for this recording.


Discs with Nigel Kennedy (dlh)
I have worked with Kennedy for few years and played theorbo and baroque guitar for these disks.

Vivaldi :Four Seasons

with Berliner philharmonic orchestra

Vivaldi U

Less known repertory by Vivaldi, including [Manchester Sonata].


Live DVD with Kennedy and Polish Chamber Orchestra


Discs including some of my solo playing


17th century Psalm settings
Performed by Bach Collegium Japan (dir. Masaaki Suzuki)
You can hear My lute solo Psalm 116 by N. Vallet.

Celebrating Shakespeare: This world's globe@iSIGCD077)

I have played some lute solo and lute division part for [Morley Consort Lessons]

Early One Morning River Records 07261

[Souvenir] CD for National Trust
English folksongs, ballads and madrigals.
I played some solo and accompaniments.

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