Taro Takeuchi: Early guitar / Lute player

New CD [Ledbury lute: Lute music from Regency England]
Lecture concert 'The English guittar and its music'
at 7th Lake Konstanz Guitar Research Meeting (29th-31st March, 2019)

Making replicas of 'Bird' flageolet
New CD recording [Lovel Nancy]
New video recordings on YOUTUBE
New CD recording [Affecutuoso: Virtuoso Guitar Music of the 18th century]

アイコン ABOUT MYSELF(biography)
Taro Takeuchi was born in Kyoto, Japan. After completing his degrees in law and music in Tokyo, he came to England to study lute and early guitar with Nigel North at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Since leaving college, he has been in great demand as soloist and ensemble player, and has toured most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, USA and Japan.
As a continuo player he has worked with The Parley of Instruments, The English concert, The Royal Opera House, The Orchestra of Age of Enlightenment, Berliner Philharmonic, as well as Sir Simon Rattle, Rachel Podger and Nigel Kennedy. He has made numerous recordings for Deux-Elles, EMI, Hyperion, Harmonia Mundi, BBC and others.
Taro Takeuchi plays all types of lutes and early guitars, and specializes particularly in double strung early guitars, including 5-course Baroque guitar, English guitar (guittar) and 6-course Spanish guitar. His solo recordings 'FOLIAS!', 'The Century that Shaped the Guitar'. 'Afettuoso' and 'Lovely Nancy' were received with critical acclaim and high praise.  Taro presently lives in London, where he has an excellent collection of original early guitars as well as authentic traverse flutes, which he enjoys playing as a hobby. He is a member of The Lute Society and
The Consrtium for Guitar Research at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.(https://guitarconsortium.wordpress.com/members/).

...As to Taro Takeuchi, Baroque guitar playing doesn't come better than this in any respect... GRAMOPHONE

...the music takes wings and flies. There is real urge to clap at the end...EARLY MUSIC NEWS

...his charismatic stage presence drew the audience in and there was hardly any unnecessary noise in Purcell Room as he played…CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE

...A real winner -  I enjoyed  it immensely. ...INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW  

アイコン MY WORK
As a continuo player I work extensively with opera companies and orchestras.
As a soloist my greatest interest at present is performing 17th and 18th century guitar music on original instruments. I have recorded some CDs using old guitars from museums. I also teach and give workshops in Europe and in Japan.

MY RECORDINGS (Videos, CDs and DVDs)
Please click here for available discs and free videos.

My main working instruments are
6 course lute by Paul Thompson
7 course lute by Martin Haycock
11 course lute by Chris Egerton
Archlute by Klaus Jacobsen
Theorbo by Klaus Jacobsen
Vihuela by Klaus Jacobsen
4 course guitar by Malcolm Prior
5 course guitar by Martin Hodgson

ALSO I use original instruments (not copies) extensively for my solo recitals
My original guitars and guittars

I am currently writing a tutor for English guitar for Lute Society.
I am making some CD recording for Hamamatsu museum of musical instruments, Japan.
I will play some of the finest early guitars from the collection including 5 course guitar attributed to Deleplanque, English guitar by Preston, and Harp lute by Ventura. Works include by Geminiani, Rameau, Couperin, Pleyel, Bolton, and Ventura!

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